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The Evening Learning Program is designed to provide an alternative to detention, or to reduce the length of stay in more costly residential facilities. The Evening Learning Programs operate five days per week, 52 weeks of the year. The program operates within a framework of cognitive-behavioral therapy. The cognitive-based interventions are built into the program’s curriculum, and are designed to lower risk and raise protective factors in order to prevent recidivism.

Program features include:
• In-house tutorial and homework support provided by Rite Track staff.
• Evidence-based curriculum includes Thinking for a Change, Aggression Replacement Training and Active Parenting
• Gang Intervention Programming
• Counseling (individual and group therapy)
• Skill building with a focus on promoting success using positive reinforcement principles

• 24-hour access to Rite Track staff to assist clients/families with issues that arise
• Exposure to community resources through field trips
• Rich staff to student ratio
• Length of service is 21 to 120 days
• Contact with community role models

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