Proud Parenting

Let us strengthen your parenting skills with a
FREE 12-module class that will teach you how to
nurture, understand, communicate, and
positively discipline your child.

Participants receive a $50.00 GIFT CARD upon program completion.

Rite Track works to promote well-being and child health by providing a skill-based training curriculum, Making Parenting a Pleasure, to young parents within Imperial County. Parents will gain knowledge in nurturing, understanding stress, managing anger as well as a general understanding of child development and modeling alternatives.

Program Goals

Rite Track’s Proud Parenting program serves eligible young parents, ages 14-25 who are within the County’s Probation or Social Services system and/or considered at-risk youth. Proud Parenting is committed in helping young parents:

• Decrease parental distress and parent-child dysfunctional interactions
• Reduce the number of incidents reported to child protective services
• Reduce domestic violence-related parent offenses
• Develop and practice anger management skills and model alternatives
• Develop and practice positive discipline techniques
• Develop and practice child’s health, safety, well-being, nurturing and nutrition needs
• Increase knowledge of stages of early childhood development

What Does Proud Parenting provide?

Proud Parenting will provide 75 to 100 Imperial County young parents free services annually. Parents will receive:

• One-on-one or group-based parenting sessions
• One-on-one or group-based life skills sessions
• One-on-one or group-based Anger Replacement Therapy
• Individualized service plans
• Links and referrals to community agencies and services
• Class materials
• $50.00 gift card upon program completion
• Certificate of completion

How Will I Benefit?

• Enhance your parenting skills
• Create a positive discipline and anger management plan for your family
• Strengthen your relationships
• Network with other young parents

Making a Difference Since 2012

Imperial County’s Probation Department was awarded a Proud Parenting Program grant by the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) in July 2015, which will extend program services until September 2019. The program, which serves young parents aged 14-25, uses research-backed curricula to teach healthy parenting techniques to help young mothers and fathers learn the best way to care for their children.


To learn more about Proud Parenting (or other Rite Track programs) contact Program Manager, Marysol Medina at: 

(760) 337-5565 |

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